Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Reviews

All Quick Fix Plus Synthetic Urine Kits include.... * A 3 ounce sample of Quick Fix 5.7 Synthetic Urine * Attached Temperature Strip * (1) One heating pad made to heat your Quick Fix Sample to our specific range (between 90 and 100 degrees. * Complete Instructions

When you really, really need to pass your drug test, quick fix urine is the only answer

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The best synthetic urine on the market is Quick Fix Synthetic Urine. Spectrum Labs first introduced Quick Fix Urine in 1992 and is the only patented synthetic available. Quick Fix synthetic urine is balanced for ph, creatinine and specific gravity and backed by an iron-clad 200% Guarantee.

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Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Reviews
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Ok, here's the thing. A few months ago I purchased a bottle of Quick Fix version 5.7 (the original 2 ounce version) from the same site i've been buying these bottles of gold from for years. I received the package and the next day I heated it up in the microwave, rubber-banded the heat pack to the bottle, stuffed it into my underwear and headed to thetesting place. No problems right? Wrong! I walked out of the bathroom with the cup of "my urine sample" and the lady at the desk told me it wasn't enough. Needless to say, I freaked out and went back into the room. I came out 5 mins later and told her I couldn't pee anymore. She as pretty cool about it and told me to come back the following Monday and asked me to try and make it without stopping to pee on the way.

I got back home and called the place I bought the QF from and told her what happened. The lady told me Quick Fix was now available in a 3 ounce version, called Quick Fix Plus, but they didn't have any in stock. I found another website online that sold Quick Fix Plus and the guy said he could get it to me by Monday. It was Friday afternoon.

That was the best Monday I can remember to date. I got the QF Plus, turned in my sample andPASSED with flying colors. The reason I'm writing this it because I don't want ANYONE to have the same problem I had. BUY the QUICK FIX PLUS! I also feel obligated topass on the website where I got the Quick Fix Plus. This guy got my order to me just in time. He's my damn hero and he's saved my arse 2 many times since. www.nofeardetox.net ROCK ON BABY !

Will, Nebraska
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